Biosystems Engineering - Rising 10th-12th Graders

Biosystems Engineering: Introduction to Geomatics introduces the student to the art, science, and technologies used in the determination of positions above, on, or beneath the earth’s surface. Students will gain the ability to understand and apply methods and use a global position system (GPS) instruments to make measurements and collect data for determining horizontal distances; apparent differences in elevation; and determining locations on the earth’s surface. The student will develop their own and utilize pertinent computer tools in calculating, analyzing, and correcting data. The course will strive to instill an appreciation for the work performed by surveyors and their importance to practice of biosystems engineering.

With the successful completion of the course, the student should have the capability to:

  • Measure horizontal, vertical, and zenith angles with survey grade GNSS instruments.
  • Work as a team member on a surveying party to achieve a common goal of accurate and timely project completion.
  • Present the descriptions and locations of collected spatial data in geographic information system (GIS)

This course is offered in Special Session (June 28-July 4).

Course Leader: Tom Owino, Ph.D.