Biotechnology, Health, and Society - Rising 9th-12th

In this one-week course, students will explore the concepts of biotechnology. The camp will allow students the opportunity to look at how biotechnology couples biomolecular and cellular processes to develop products and technologies that help improve the health of our planet and, ultimately, our lives.

In this course, students will:

  • Learn how DNA evidence is used to identify criminals and to exonerate the falsely-accused
  • Analyze DNA and correlate the results with how certain foods taste
  • Genetically modify bacteria to make them glow in the dark
  • Explore how genetically-modified organisms are used to make pharmaceuticals and other products
  • Collect and analyze spectrophotometric data 
  • Explore the nervous system and discover how injury and disease can wreak havoc on our brains

This course is offered in Session One (May 31-June 6) and Session Four (June 21-27).

Course Leader: CULSOC Instructors







Criminal Justice and DNA Evidence PCR Analysis and Genetic Testing

Bacteria, Infectious Disease, and Us

Spectrophotometer The Amazing Human Brain
*Schedule is tentative and subject to change.