Public Health - Rising 9th-12th

In this one-week course, students will be introduced to the concepts of public health and infectious disease. Students will have the opportunity to explore the general concepts behind immunity and vaccines, act as epidemiologist to track an outbreak and hopefully discover what is making people sick, interpret public health data using statistics, tour an infectious disease research lab, and so much more!

In this course, students will:

  • Map the origins of the 2014 Ebola epidemic
  • Analyze family histories and genetics for opioid dependency 
  • Analyze DNA and correlate the results with how certain foods taste
  • Collect and analyze spectrophotometric data
  • Learn about immunity and how pharmaceuticals are developed

This course is offered in Session Five (July 5-11).

Course Leader: CULSOC Instructors







What is Epidemiology? Exploring opioid dependency PCR Analysis Immunity and Parmaceuticals Collect and analyze spectrophotometric data
Tracking an Epidemic / Modeling an Outbreak Genetic Testing

*Schedule is tentative and subject to change.