General Engineering - Rising 10th-12th

In this one week course, students will explore the engineering disciplines offered by Clemson University. They will use hands-on activities to be introduced to approaches and ways of thinking that are essential in solving professional, ethical, and societal issues appropriate to engineering.

Short Term Projects: Ethics and Engineering Problems, Density, Specific Gravity Activity; Building a Hydro-Generator

Long Term Projects: Prepare and test Pervious Concrete Competition (Overall Strength and Permeability)

Field Trips/Tours: Duke Nuclear Plant and Vulcan Quarry

This course is offered in session Four (June 21-27) and Session Eight (July 26-August 1).

Course Leader: Dr. Andrew Neptune

Course Schedule

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday and Friday
Engineering Disciplines and Ethics Project Design and Teamwork Estimation and Approaches to Problem-Solving Units Conversions and Dimensions
Ethics discussion Design project activity Estimation Activities Define and utilize Physical Science Principles
Basic engineering activities Hookes law and Pendulum Experiment

*Course schedule is tentative and subject to change.