How to Apply

Registration is open!

  1. Access the Summer Scholars registration website and select your desired course.
    • If it is your first time accessing the site:
      • Select "Ideal-Logic Login".
      • Select "Create a New Account".
      • Enter Parent/Guardian name and a valid, frequently-accessed email address.  The information provided will be the primary method of contact prior to program start.
    • If you have accessed the site previously:
      • Select "Ideal-Logic Login".
      • Use the credentials you previously created to log in to your account.
  2. Once logged into the registration site, complete all forms fully and accurately.
    • Pay the $200 initial deposit. (This only applies to summer camps.) See Fees and Payments
      • This fee must be paid online at the time of registration to secure a spot in the summer program. Mailed checks are discouraged and may not be received in time to secure a spot if the class fills.
  3. Submit scholar transcripts: 
    • A copy of your High School transcript is required to determine acceptance. They do not need to be official. Applicants who have a weighted GPA above 3.3 will be accepted after documentation is received. Applicants with a weighted GPA below a 3.3 may be accepted based on PSAT, SAT or ACT scores and their letter of recommendation from a teacher or school official. In these instances the application will be reviewed by the acceptance committee. (please see
    • This is required within two weeks of your registration.
    • Transcripts may be mailed or sent electronically from the camper's school to
    • Note: For middle schoolers, your most recent report card can serve as your transcript or a PSAT score.
  4. Thank you for choosing Summer Scholars!  Stay tuned for additional information as your session approaches.  Feel free to email us any questions as they arise.  Go Tigers!