Leadership and the Case for Greatness- Rising 10th-12th

In this one-week course, students will study characteristics of great political and military leaders in a seminar-style class led by professors from the Clemson Lyceum Program. This classroom experience will emphasize individual contributions from students, which will help students not only develop their critical thinking skills, but also their ability to engage in civil discourse about political and philosophic matters. With the aid of their professors, students will study, in detail, questions concerning greatness, leadership, good judgment (prudence), principles, ambition, political contexts, and education. This class is a must for anyone interested in politics, history, ethics, and those who wish to serve their communities.

In this course, students will:

  • Learn to engage with each-other in a Socratic-style seminar environment with an emphasis on developing civil discourse
  • Study history, political science, ethics, rhetoric, and philosophy through the mediums of primary sources, speeches, histories, literature, and visual media
  • Improve Critical Thinking and Public Speaking skills


Monday: Prudence and Principles (Aristotle and Machiavelli)

Tuesday: Classical Leadership (Histories and Shakespeare’s Roman Plays)

Wednesday: Modern Leadership (George Washington and the American Founding)

Thursday: Modern Leadership (Abraham Lincoln)

Friday: Modern Leadership (Winston Churchill)

Please note that there are required readings to complete before this course. We will reach out to parents of registered students with this information at a later date.

This course is offered in session two (June 9-15).

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Course Leaders: Marjorie Jeffrey, Ph.D. and Michael Hoffpauir, Ph.D.