Virtual Reality Design and Research (Rising 9th-12th Graders)

It’s time to rethink our outdoor environment through virtual reality (VR).

Summer Scholars has partnered with Clemson’s Virtual Reality and Nature (VRN) Lab to create a summer course designed to push the envelope of bringing the outdoors indoors. The VRN Lab has partnered with international researchers and across the United States to bring nature to the fingertips of pediatric patients, stressed out students, and now to you! People may not feel comfortable, or able, to visit their favorite outdoor spaces, but with VR, a headset becomes a way to transport to both new and well-loved places.

Virtual Reality Design and Research

So, what are you waiting for… let’s go virtual. We hope to #CUinVR.

During the course we will:

-Be a participant in a real VR research study

-Tour the Virtual Reality and Nature (VRN) Lab and learn about upcoming research projects around the world.

-Learn the history and future of VR

-Try a variety of VR devices to experience virtual nature 

-Film content with a 360-degree camera and develop content into a VR experience

-Explore your connection to nature vs. virtual nature

-Translate virtual nature experiences to improving society and quality of life


This course is offered in Session IV, June 26-July 2, 2022.

Course Leaders: Olivia Mcanirlin and Matthew Browning