Mechanical Engineering - Rising 10th-12th

Mechanical engineering covers an exceptionally broad range of topics and graduates from this major are recruited into a wide variety of industries.  In this introductory course, students will learn about a handful of principles in select topics such as fluid mechanics, power and work, 3D modeling, design, and modern computing / engineering analyses through lectures and hands-on activities.  The course will also introduce students to inter-disciplinary mechanical engineering applications and its cutting-edge research areas in related fields such as biomedical engineering.  The main objectives of this course are to provide a brief survey of how mechanical engineering relates to real-world applications and a taste of the types of topics one would learn as a mechanical engineer.


Course Schedule

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
Introduction to Matlab programming and 3D modeling Principles of power and work in terms of the pressure-volume loop (such as those in engines and the human heart).  Corn starch pool experiment.  Principles of stress and strain, Bernoulli’s effect, and aerodynamic drag.  Mechanics of levers and pulleys. 
Data analysis and geometric model construction projects.  Engineering design exercise. Intro to applications of ME in biomedical engineering and other research fields. Ping-pong ball steering experiment. Construction competition.
*Schedule is tentative and subject to change.
Course Leader: Ethan Kung, Ph.D.