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Note: Video embeds are done using a shortcode. Shortcodes are available to help you quickly add more complex features to your pages. To add shortcodes, open the HTML source editor in Cascade and paste the shortcode where you'd like the element to appear within your layout.

The video shortcode is used to embed videos from Youtube, Vimeo and ClemsonTV. To add a video, simply wrap the video's URL in the [video][/video] shortcode, as shown below. To obtain the URL of your video, navigate to the page where the video is located as if you were going to watch it, then copy the URL from the address bar.

Rendered Shortcode
No Video Found

There are also a couple attributes available to modify the apperance of the video.

  • size - specify the size of the video to be small, medium, large, or full
  • align - float videos to the left or right, or not at all (none)
[video size=large align=left][/video]
Rendered Shortcode

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