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Clemson student Marena Fleming hands a dog leash clipped to a golden retriever over to a uniformed U.S. Air Force officer. The dog, named Cooper, is a trained service animal for veterans and wears a blue vest adorned with an American flag.

Learn by Doing

Animal and veterinary sciences major Marena Fleming leveraged the flexibility she found at Clemson to grow her interests in unexpected ways. She’s learned livestock exhibition techniques and worked with farm animals. She’s connected with professionals in her field to discover career options she hadn’t previously considered. She’s trained a service dog to help a veteran in need. These experiences and more have affirmed Marena’s desire to work as a military veterinarian.

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As a University, we are committed to creating a safe and healthy campus environment for all Tigers. Stay informed about our ongoing efforts.

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Achieve Academic Excellence

A Carnegie R1 public research institution, Clemson University is where purpose-driven students, faculty and staff collaborate on projects that impact our state, country and world. Across more than 80 undergraduate majors and 130 graduate degree programs, artists, scientists, authors and engineers begin the work that will define their careers and our culture. Discover the many paths ready for pursuit at Clemson.

James Barker Sketch of The Clemson amphitheater and library

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No one leaves Clemson a stranger to success. Come meet our vibrant community of dedicated students, faculty and staff. Once you walk through campus and listen to the carillon play, you’ll understand why Clemson alumni hear the bells and feel like they’re being called home.

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Three female undergraduate students smile and talk, sitting together in the sunshine on Bowman Field.
Three Black female students smile with President Clements on the front lawn of the President's Home during the freshman BBQ.
Two international female students sit with their male classmate and smile on the steps of Lee Hall during the spring.
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