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A student works on a piece of lab equipmentA student works on a piece of lab equipment

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Rise to the Challenge

We are creating a rich environment for students to develop not only excellent technical skills but also a broad set of abilities that position them as the intellectual leaders of tomorrow.

Academic Excellence

Making an Impact

Clemson University's College of Engineering, Computing, and Applied Sciences (CECAS) is committed to producing outstanding graduates. With more than 60 degree and certificate options across all of our campus locations as well as extensive research, study abroad, and hands-on work experience opportunities, you can get involved, go beyond, and make meaningful connections that last a lifetime.

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An aerial view over campus buildings is shown on a sunny morning.


Students walking around campus in between classes.


Male student works with a pipette in the lab.


Female student listens intently during a class lecture.


A student is tutored by another during a study session held in the Fluor Study Hall.


Two female students look through microscopes and work with other pieces of lab equipment in an engineering lab.


Two female students study together in the Fluor Study Hall.


Quick montage of several student working in the lab.


A student writes on a white board at an outdoor tent setup by the Student Advisory Board during E-week.


A student works with Virtual Reality equipment.


Quick montage of students working in labs across campus.


Several Civil Engineering students study the accessibility of sidewalks in front of Sikes Hall.


Quick montage of students working in labs across campus.


A female student walks across the stage to shake hands with President Clements after receiving her diploma.


A white tiger paw appears on the screen.

CECAS In The News

three students in the automotive engineering program working on project together

Teaming Up for Success

The student experience in the College of Engineering, Computing, and Applied Sciences is centered around preparing and equipping you to achieve academic success, building genuine relationships to develop a supportive personal and professional network, and developing the skillset and mindset to succeed in your future career.

Thriving students are engaged in and out of the classroom. They utilize their support network and take advantage of academic support resources. They manage their time wisely and find a balance between class work and fun while taking care of their well-being.

This is your time to choose how you will write your own story.


Clemson University continues as a top institute in the state, recognized by national leaders and universities. We find ourselves in the enviable position of being poised and ready for even more. We are pursuing greatness. We are furthering success. We are transforming ourselves into one of the nation's best public institutions.

Wyche speaking at conference in Watt

Lasting Impacts

From putting a man on the moon to providing clean water here on Earth, engineers and scientists have always risen to the challenges of their time. Our job is to ensure that students are ready to meet those challenges. Alumni gifts support student engagement, faculty advancement, and academic opportunities that shape tomorrow's leaders.

The College of Engineering, Computing and Applied Sciences will transform lives and be recognized for research, education and scholarship that make a global impact.

Gramopadhye profile

“As engineers and scientists, we have long realized and appreciated the importance of the diversity of people, approaches and ideas, and the rich discourse it generates. When we challenge one another's viewpoints in a robust, healthy exchange of ideas, we come to the richer, more impactful solutions that can solve the issues we face.”

Anand K. Gramopadhye

Upcoming Events

The College of Engineering, Computing and Applied Sciences regularly holds workshops, seminars, symposiums, and conferences throughout the year.

    PEER/WISE Team

    Insight Into Diversity

    Clemson University’s PEER/WISE and COSMIC programs received the 2021 Inspiring Programs in STEM Award from INSIGHT Into Diversity magazine, the largest and oldest diversity and inclusion publication in higher education.

    Inspiring Others

    Teaching Robots Manners

    Ioannis Karamouzas of Clemson University wants to teach robots manners. The research focuses on helping indoor, mobile robots coexist with humans in populated areas, such as homes and workspaces. He also plans to visit K-12 schools across South Carolina to expose students to robotics, a step toward creating a college-going culture in economically disadvantaged areas and drumming up interest in STEM careers.

    Integrating Research
    Robot with hand up and out
    Igor Luzinov of Clemson University

    Breaking Down Plastics

    Igor Luzinov is teaming up with Viktor Balema, a senior member of the scientific staff at Ames Laboratory, for research that could lead to a new way of recycling polystyrene, a widely used plastic that shows up in products ranging from disposable food containers to foam packaging materials.

    Environmental Impact
    College of Engineering, Computing and Applied Sciences
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