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Collage of Clemson students and employees with disabilities engaging in activities, partaking in services, and using assistive technology

Clemson's Accessibility Web Portal

Clemson University's Accessibility Web Portal


Welcome to Clemson University's Accessibility Web Portal, the centralized accessibility resource for Clemson students, employees, and visitors.

According to CDC statistics, approximately 26% of the U.S. population is identified has having a disability. In 2020, that would equate to approximately 6,900 Clemson students and 1,500 Clemson employees. Clemson University is committed to providing everyone with a diverse range of hearing, movement, sight, cognitive, and linguistic abilities the opportunity to access and participate in the Clemson experience. Whether you are a content author, developer, or person with a temporary, permanent, or situational impairment, the Accessibility Portal is designed to help you make a better tomorrow.


Find out how to gain access to accommodations, accessibility services, sporting events, and barrier reporting interfaces at Clemson.


Learn about the laws, policies, and best practices for implementing accessibility through campus events, conferences, webinars, recorded trainings, guides, and other resources.


Connect with on and off campus accessibility-focused professionals, interest groups, communities, and programs.

Report Barriers

Help keep Clemson's Staff aware of accessibility barriers on campus, in University supported digital tools, and in Clemson-created digital content by using the reporting forms linked below.

See Reporting Tips

What Students Say About Clemson Accessibility

“With reasonable accommodations, I know that blindness is not the characteristic that defines me or my future.”

Neel Sheth 
Biological Sciences Student

“Clemson really leads the way and sets the standard in how to treat students with disabilities.”

Hunter Gossett 
Counselor Education Student

“Two of my biggest benefits[...] is the opportunity to have open dialogue with the community [...] and talk about what it means to be a student with a documented disability on campus.”

Mauri Leonard 
Management Student

What's New in Clemson Accessibility

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