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Meet the world

The College of Arts and Humanities is centered on exploring and understanding the human condition. It encourages students to engage with culture, history, literature, performance, and the intersections of differing fields of study. Students learn the skills to make a living, while also being confronted with the question of how to make a life. Through expert pedagogy in supportive environments, students are trained to think deeply, write effectively, express their thoughts with confidence and interact respectfully with others. The College of Arts and Humanities is where Clemson students prepare to meet the world.

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    Dean Nicholas Vazsonyi

    “I am excited at the possibilities of the brand-new College of Arts and Humanities. Our faculty are dedicated to exploring and understanding the human condition, and positioning our students to go forth into the world to make it a better and more beautiful place.”

    Nicholas Vazsonyi
    College of Arts and Humanities

    Write with confidence

    Writing Lab

    Sponsored by the Clemson English Department, the goal of the Writing Lab is to support all members of the Clemson community to become more confident and effective writers. For whatever you are working on, the Writing Lab can help you find the most effective way to communicate your message.

    Pearce Center for Professional Communication

    Through state of the art technology and collaborative workspaces, the Pearce Center provides experiences in oral, visual and digital communication and supports faculty-led research projects.

    First-Year Composition

    First-Year Composition (ENGL 1030), part of Clemson University’s general education core curriculum, helps undergraduate students learn how to analyze the rhetoric that surrounds them and compose persuasive arguments for a variety of audiences.

    Advanced Writing

    An Advanced Writing course is a requirement for many majors, including Business, Engineering, Nursing, and others. Advanced Writing courses are designed to introduce students to the importance of learning to write succinctly and clearly in genres suitable to professional and technical disciplinary work.

    College of Arts and Humanities
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