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Clemson's Student Research Informs Industries

From mass timber to microbe diversity in coastal ecosystems and even genetics, Clemson students dive into research projects as early as freshman year. Their work with industry partners in labs, fields and hospitals across South Carolina connects students with employers while providing access for industry partners to the powerful resources available at Clemson. Choose your program of study, join a research team and meet the professionals who benefit from your work. It all begins at Clemson.

Undergraduate Research Opportunities at Clemson

Each year, more than 4,600 undergraduate students at Clemson work together with peers, graduate students and faculty mentors on research projects that ignite their interests. Discover what it’s like to work with a team toward new solutions that revolutionize treatments, techniques and industries in South Carolina and beyond.

Faculty advisor and undergraduate student examine Xrays together.

Creative Inquiry

Every Clemson student has the opportunity to begin a research project with faculty support and University resources through Creative Inquiry. These team-based research projects are led by a faculty mentor and typically span two to four semesters. Through Creative Inquiry, undergraduate students discover the answers to their burning questions and present their solutions at conferences across the country, answering questions from industry professionals.

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Nate Matzko’s undergraduate research has future applications in cancer treatment.

Biochemistry student Nate Matzko writes in a notepad in his lab.

My mentor, Michael Sehorn, has been great, and the graduate student that I work with, Steven Goodson, has been incredible. They’ve given me the freedom to make mistakes and troubleshoot things on my own but also always oversee everything and keep tabs on me because I’m still an undergraduate. I know this is an experience that you don’t get at other schools. … You get to become a master of this small world that maybe only a handful of people know about. Research has become more and more of my thing.

Nate Matzko
Biochemistry ’21
Faculty advisor and male student work together in a science lab.
Two undergraduate students examine plants and take notes in a greenhouse.

Experiences in Undergraduate Research, Exploration and Knowledge Advancement (EUREKA!)

Through the EUREKA! program, about 33 incoming freshman students who have been accepted into the Clemson University Honors College are invited to spend five weeks participating in research projects or other academic activities before Fall semester begins. Participants choose a research project that is recommended by Clemson faculty members, receive guidance from graduate students and faculty members, and even present their work at a final symposium. The program proves invaluable to incoming students as they form relationships with academic mentors, make friends with their peers and become confident in Clemson’s research facilities.

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Graduate Research Opportunities at Clemson

Man presents data to group in Erwin Center for Brand Communication.

Clemson University connects graduate and postdoctoral students with industry partners, government officials and state-of-the-art facilities to conduct research that solves the world’s pressing problems and moves industry forward. Enjoy relationships with faculty mentors who truly care about your professional and personal development, then give back by sharing your expertise with undergraduate students. When you pursue your postgraduate degree at Clemson, you become a powerful contributor to the Clemson Family, the state of South Carolina and the world.

GRAD 360°

This program is unique to Clemson and tailored to the graduate and postdoctoral experience. Gain transferable skills in nine focus areas and create a portfolio to track your development with guidance from your mentor through GRAD 360°. You can enrich your Clemson experience, form meaningful relationships and prepare for your ideal career by participating in GRAD 360°.

GRAD 360°
Graduate student Graham Montgomery and undergraduate assistant examine split wood while conducting mass timber research.

Clemson graduate student leads mass timber research in the U.S.

When Graham Montgomery began his research on mass timber, the material had been used in building applications across Europe but was just beginning to catch on in the United States. His research tested the limits of the material as a sustainable alternative to steel and concrete, positioned him as an expert in the field and contributed to the rapid growth of the mass timber movement.

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Clemson astrophysicists contribute to first ever image of power-packed jet emerging from colliding galaxies.

Clemson University College of Science researchers, in collaboration with international colleagues, have the first photographic proof that margin galaxies can produce jets of charged particles that travel close to the speed of light.

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Galaxies colliding with jet emerging