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Clemson University Graduate School

GradTeaching Program

Level One Training for All Graduate Teaching Staff

This training program uses current resources in the form of required training already in Tiger Training (FERPA and Title IX) and modules about foundational knowledge and practices for first-time teachers at Clemson.

All teaching assistants are required to complete this training. Additionally, any Clemson graduate student who would like to complete the program and receive certification can self-enroll by going to the Tiger Training website and searching on "GradTeaching."

Program Course List

Introduction to GradTeaching - 6 minutes

Includes an orientation to professional, educational development.

Bridges: Building a Supportive Community (Title IX) - 35 minutes

Title IX training on the Federal Law prohibiting sexual discrimination, harassment, and violence; as well as to comply with policy regarding sexual misconduct. Teaching assistants need to know how to establish a supportive environment for their students and understand the process of reporting an incident and filing a Title IX complaint.

Student Advocacy and Success - 6 minutes

This course provides a short overview of resources that you can contact for emergency situations as well as situations that are urgent or non-emergency situations. These Clemson resources are for students who are in distress and in need. Review of each resource, contact information, and information on trainings are covered in this module.

FERPA - 27 minutes

FERPA, the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act, is a Federal law that applies to anyone who attends classes and/or works at Clemson University. This includes students, faculty, staff, and administrators. Learn about student rights and how FERPA protects student records.

Academic Integrity for Undergraduate Courses - 15 minutes

This course will review the standards and steps to take if you suspect/detect violations in your classroom, as well as the reporting procedure

Student Learning Objectives and Outcomes -15 minutes

Defining student learning objectives and outcomes is vital to course development and assessment. This module addresses learner preferences, the importance of learning objectives and outcomes, and useful teaching tips. New teaching assistants need to have a foundational understanding of what these mean in order to teach effectively.

Introduction to the Academic Success Center - 13 minutes

The director of the Academic Success Center (ASC) presents this course about the services the ASC offers for undergraduate students. This presentation also covers the Writing Center and Student Accessibility Services, both of which are housed in the Class of 1956 Academic Success Center building.

Accessibility and Student Accommodations - 8 minutes

This course provides an overview of the student accommodation process at Clemson, the services provided by the Student Accessibility Services and information about accessibility from the Clemson Accessibility Portal.

Introduction to Classroom and Lab Management Skills - 20 minutes

The basics of both classroom and laboratory management.  You will learn how to plan your lessons and build your syllabus, how to keep students engaged for a smoothly-running classroom or lab, and how to appropriately deal with incidents so that you are prepared for a smooth transition as an instructor.

Teaching to Diversity and Inclusion for Improved Student Learning - 12 minutes

Think through the concepts of diversity and equity to help foster inclusive classrooms and promote student success.