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Clemson University Graduate School

Policies and Procedures

The policies and procedures of the Graduate School are established to ensure a consistent set of standards from the admissions process all the way through to the awarding of degrees for every Graduate School program.

In general, you are subject to these policies when you first matriculate into your graduate program. Minor changes in policy that will not affect your progress toward a degree may be implemented immediately when it is determined to be in the best interest of students and/or the University, or if the changes are required by a legislative or regulatory body.

Please be aware that these are not the only policies and procedures that govern your time at Clemson. Your degree program or academic department has its own policies and deadlines, and there are University-wide policies.

Graduate School Policies and Procedures Handbook

The Graduate School strongly recommends consulting the most current version of the handbook each time you need a policy reference, to ensure that you are accessing the most current information.

Current Version:


2023-2024 Policy Handbook, revised, published Spring 2024 (PDF)

A table at the end of the above handbook lists all policy changes made since 2015.

Previous Versions