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Thinking about an industry career?

When you are exploring a career in industry, A2i can help you find the right fit for you.

A2i (Accelerate to Industry) works with industry employers to bring graduate students and postdocs together with businesses so they can learn more about each other in search of a great fit. 

A2i is a unique and comprehensive development program

A2i modules offer a broad range of activities, including networking events, discussion panels, presentations, development workshops, company site visits, and internships. These activities expose participants to numerous industry companies along with insights and tactics that can be used to secure industry positions. Moreover, A2i modules offer training in the following key business and professional areas:

  • Corporate cultural awareness and cross-cultural competency
  • Leadership, communication, and teamwork
  • Market and technology evaluation
  • Intellectual property and regulatory affairs
  • Commercializing research

The A2i cohort is selected in June of each year. Graduate students in good academic standing and postdocs from any program are eligible to participate. The A2i application is published and distributed to students each spring, and will appear on this page when the application window is open. The application will ask about your career goals, CUID, Advisor’s name, general personal information, and a statement about how and why A2I will help you pursue your career goals.

There is no cost to participate in A2i or any of its events.