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Clemson University Graduate School

Bound Copies

Obtaining a Bound Copy

The Graduate School does not require you to submit any bound copies (some departments do; see below), but you may want bound copies for your own use. TigerPrints and the Graduate School do not provide ETD printing and binding services. You are free to choose any vendor whose services meet your and your department’s preferences. Local print and copy shops may be able to provide quality spiral-bound, softcover books. An online search will locate established North American and overseas printers/binderies who specialize in thesis or dissertation print production, including Thesis On Demand, PHD Bookbinding, Bachelor Print and Smith-Shattuck Bookbinding.

Bound Copy Requirements for Certain Departments

Each graduate program has its own requirements for students to follow when ordering bound copies of their manuscripts. To see if your program requires bound copies, and to locate additional information, check the list below. If your program is listed, you must turn in a bound copy to your department, but you may follow all of the Graduate School’s formatting guidelines for electronic manuscripts (no reformatting for print is required). If there is an additional note listed by your program, contact the appropriate person to find out the additional requirements.

Programs That Require Bound Copies

If your program is not listed below, you are not required to turn in a bound copy.