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Scholar Programs With Purpose

At Clemson, students pursue their academic interests with more than grades in mind. Scientists research new methods to treat disease, educators use their resources to learn the best way to share information with a younger generation, and communicators adapt to new mediums in order to tell meaningful stories. For students driven to take their education further, a variety of scholarship programs await with resources, mentors and communities of like-minded scholars to offer support.

Elderly male instructor and male college student inspect bridge design printed on long paper in an academic building.
Four rows of seated Clemson students in business attire listen to two men at the front of the classroom.

Peer mentoring makes the difference

Undergraduate scholar programs comprise small cohorts that bring students together for a greater impact. Each scholar is paired with a peer mentor, a relationship that enables the mentor to pass down lessons learned in the scholar program and empowers the next generation of scholars to steward their gift well.

Support for National Scholar Programs

Clemson graduate and undergraduate students have many opportunities to take their studies further by applying for Fulbright programs, fellowships and other prestigious scholar programs. In every discipline, scholar programs exist to empower students with a desire to create lasting impact through their education. At Clemson, you will gain the foundational knowledge needed to excel, receive opportunities to serve others and enjoy personalized guidance as you apply for the programs that shape your future.

Office of Major Fellowships

The Office of Major Fellowships exists to assist Clemson University undergraduate students, graduate students and recent alumni as they apply for major fellowships. Clemson students can benefit from the mentorship of those in the Office of Major Fellowships throughout their entire academic career, from planning a strong academic portfolio to the actual application preparation for major fellowships.

Office of Major Fellowships
A female student takes notes while others in her class listen to the teacher at the front of the room.
Student Luke Broughton, wearing a white laboratory coat, blue gloves, protective goggles and a white N95 face mask, pours a solution in a laboratory.

Luke Broughton

Biochemistry ’22, researches potential medical advances

Luke was first introduced to undergraduate research through the EUREKA! program, an opportunity offered to a select number of incoming first-year students in the Clemson University Honors College. He was recently selected as one of only six Beckman Scholars at Clemson, a designation that provides funding for 15 months of laboratory research. Luke’s current project focuses on how to measure and increase the concentration of glutathione — an antioxidant that might help prevent cancer, Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s — in the human body.