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Clemson Degrees Open Doors for Purpose-driven Alumni

Once a Tiger, always a Tiger. We are proud to share the impact Clemson alumni make through their determined spirit.

Alumni gathering at Clemson football tailgate
African American Clemson alumni pose during a professional development event

Meet Recent Clemson Alumni

Walking across the stage at graduation was just the beginning for these Tigers. See how young alumni leveraged their Clemson degrees to land their dream jobs.

A female student wearing a blue button-down shirt and a female professor in a red blazer sit together at a table in an on-campus media studio.

Aundrea Gibbons

philosophy and communication ’23

Aundrea Gibbons’ years at Clemson were defined by an openness to try new experiences. With a love of writing, public speaking and critical thinking, she felt that a double major in philosophy and communication would complement her academic strengths and offer flexibility in her future endeavors. Aundrea’s involvement in public relations efforts for her sorority sparked her curiosity about related fields and potential career paths. She ultimately found herself drawn to broadcast journalism and storytelling through an internship at a local news station. That experience helped her secure her first job as a multimedia journalist after graduation.

Alejandro Pardo,

industrial engineering ’22

For Alejandro Pardo, a welcoming tour guide was the first indication that he would find a home at Clemson. Once he had arrived on campus, that interaction inspired Alejandro to get involved and treat his fellow students with the same kindness his tour guide had shown. Alejandro served as vice president of the Society for Hispanic Professional Engineers and president of Latino fraternity Lambda Theta Pi, and he was a member of Latinos Unidos. He also became an ambassador for Tiger Alliance, which seeks to empower and develop young men of color on a pathway to higher education. Alejandro chose to study industrial engineering because of the interactive, teamwork-based nature of the program. A yearlong co-op exposed him to different areas of the field and helped clarify his career goals. Today, Alejandro works as a consulting development analyst for a global professional services company.

Three male students wearing khakis and polo shirts and a female student wearing a yellow dress pose with their arms around each other during an on-campus organizational event.