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Campus Life

Where Dedicated Professionals Drive Results

State-of-the-art facilities, unmatched spirit and personalized training programs are just the beginning. Once employed, Clemson University faculty, staff and student employees are immediately connected to a community of researchers, problem-solvers and mentors who look forward to collaborating to realize each other’s goals and move Clemson forward.

Apply to Work at Clemson Student Employment

Faculty and staff members work together on a project at Clemson.
Clemson faculty and staff sit at round tables in the Watt Innovation Center during a training session.

Benefits of Working at Clemson

Professional Development

Professional development is personalized for Clemson University employees. Through Tiger Training, each employee is provided with specialized courses to promote growth in their position. In addition to University training courses, Clemson employees are encouraged to pursue their goals with access to special events and regular performance meetings in accordance with Clemson Elevate.

Tuition Assistance

The Clemson University Tuition Assistance Program empowers eligible faculty and staff members to earn as many as six college credits per semester at no cost or a reduced cost.

Child Care

Top-tier child care services provided by Bright Horizons are available to Clemson University faculty, staff and graduate students on campus in a newly-built facility.

Clemson Faculty and Staff Experience

Female faculty member watches as her student conducts an experiment in the lab.
A female University employee wearing an orange dress poses by one of the large columns in front of Sikes Hall on campus.

“As a former student and now an employee of Clemson University, I’ve seen firsthand how special this University is in this state and in this country. Clemson’s focus is on the people, be it students, staff, faculty or visitors. That’s what I love most about being part of this amazing University.”

Candice Heatherly,
director of administrative services,
Clemson University Youth Learning Institute
A female professor wearing black dress pants and a black blazer with an orange Tiger Paw lapel delivers a lecture in the front of a classroom.

“One of my favorite Clemson traditions is the Ring Ceremony. I think the rings are so beautiful, and I have never seen a university that has a Ring Ceremony where so many of the students partake in this meaningful rights-of-passage ritual. I feel like that's something, at least to my knowledge, that seems to be a unique tradition for Clemson that our students proudly embrace.”

Angeline Close Scheinbaum,
Dan Duncan Professor of Sports Marketing
Clemson professor explains a concept as a drone hovers nearby.