Public Service and Agriculture (PSA)

Clemson Public Service and Agriculture (PSA) is a state agency comprised of four units: Clemson Experiment Station, Clemson Cooperative Extension, Livestock Poultry Health, and Regulatory Services. Clemson PSA safeguards the health and safety of livestock, poultry and companion animals and protects the food supply and public health of South Carolinians through its Livestock Poultry Health division, while PSA’s Regulatory Services division ensures the safe, effective use of fertilizers and pesticides, and the quality of seeds and plants grown in the state and conducts programs that prevent agroterrorism. Clemson PSA works collaboratively with Clemson’s College of Agriculture, Forestry and Life Sciences for research and outreach through the Clemson Experiment Station and Cooperative Extension Service. Clemson PSA outreach and research facilities also include the Clemson Experimental Forest and South Carolina Botanical Garden, and a host of centers and institutes whose missions support and advance South Carolina’s agribusiness and forestry industries while also developing solutions to sustainability manage the state’s natural resources.