The Department of Pesticide Regulation (DPR) is the state's lead agency charged with regulating the distribution, sale and use of pesticides in South Carolina.

South Carolina's Department of Pesticide Regulation:

  • provides initial certification and licensing for pesticide use to individuals, professional and business through state and federal laws;
  • works cooperatively with the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) to make sure pesticides are used in a lawful manner that minimizes risk to the environment and human health;
  • has a robust investigation and inspection program that consist of 14 field investigators and 2 program managers who complete routine and for-cause inspections on pesticide use (and alleged misuse) throughout the state of South Carolina;
  • is part of the Division of Regulatory Services which is housed within Clemson University Public Service and Agriculture. DPR partners with other state and federal entities like the S.C. Department of Agriculture and Clemson Cooperative Extension to provide regulation through education.

Pesticide regulation is mandated by the federal government and each state’s designated agency is responsible for enforcing pesticide regulations within that state. The Department of Pesticide Regulation takes seriously the charge to protect consumers and the environment through stringent regulation.