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Our Mission

The purpose of the Staff Senate is to support all of Clemson’s staff through advocacy, recognition, and service.

Our Vision

Staff Senate strives to enhance Clemson’s working environment, promote professional growth and personal well-being, and ensure that the voices and needs of our staff are valued and recognized within the statewide University community. We facilitate open communication channels between staff, administration, and faculty, ultimately contributing to the overall success and excellence of our University. Together, we work towards building a vibrant and cohesive Clemson.

About Us

In 1984, Staff Senate was formed based on the need for establishing a two-way forum between the University community and classified staff at Clemson University. The Senate was the recognized voice for all classified University employees. In 2007, the name changed to Staff Senate, incorporating all permanent unclassified staff into the organization. Now, Staff Senate represents full-time permanent, time-limited, and temporary grant employees.

Senate is comprised of elected representatives and ex-officio members representing approximately 4,000 staff employees of Clemson University. The Senate membership is determined by staff population of University budget centers.


Senators are elected to represent staff. The goal is to be the link between staff and decision-making University administrators. Senate meeting summaries are the primary means of communicating Senate issues and actions to the staff.

In addition, the Senate conducts surveys, distributes information, such as how to obtain a Staff Senate Scholarship, and participates in the annual University Benefits Fair sponsored by the Office of Human Resources.

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Upcoming Meeting

Join us for our next June general meeting on Thursday, June 13 at 2:30 p.m. on Zoom ONLY. There will be no in-person meeting location for June. Please register if you'd like to speak during the open commentary period.

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