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Staff Senate was formed in 1984 based on the need for establishing a two-way forum between the University community and classified staff at Clemson University. Operating much like the Faculty Senate, the Senate was the recognized voice for all classified University employees. In 2007, the name changed to Staff Senate, incorporating all permanent unclassified staff into the organization. Now, the Senate represents full-time permanent, Time-Limited, and Temporary Grant employees.


The Senate is charged with communicating ideas and concerns which specifically relate to or affect staff employees and the University mission.

The Senate is composed of elected representatives and ex-officio members representing 3700 staff employees of Clemson University. The Senate membership represents a 1:75 ratio among Budget Centers.


Senators are elected to represent staff. The goal is to be the link between staff and decision-making University administrators. Senate meeting summaries are the primary means of communicating Senate issues and actions to the staff.

In addition, the Senate conducts surveys, distributes information, such as how to obtain a Staff Senate Scholarship, provides tips on communicating with elected officials and participates in the annual University Benefits Fair sponsored by the Office of Human Resources.

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Upcoming Meeting

November 10, 2020
10:30 a.m.
Zoom (Contact us for link)

Any Clemson faculty member, staff or student is invited to attend and/or participate during the "Open Commentary" section at the start of the monthly meetings.

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