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A group of student talk and study together outside of the campus dining hall

Why Clemson

Whatever your dream, there’s a path toward it that begins at Clemson. Join more than 25,000 Clemson students pursuing one of 80+ majors, 90+ minors and 130+ graduate degree programs. Pursue the work that calls your name, and graduate with the expertise you need to make a difference.

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The Value of a Clemson Degree

What would you give to walk into an interview for your dream job confident that you have the skills and experience to earn the position — within six months of college graduation? This assurance is reality for 93 percent of Clemson undergraduates. Come to Clemson, receive guidance from the nation’s best career services professionals, conduct research with measurable results, work in your field and gain the skills you need to nail that interview.

The return on investment a Clemson degree affords has consistently been ranked among “best value schools” by U.S. News & World Report.

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A male doctoral graduate wearing purple academic regalia poses with two female professors — one in red regalia and the other in gray regalia — during the doctoral hooding ceremony.
A female student and company representative, both wearing business casual clothing, shake hands at a career fair in Littlejohn Coliseum.

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James Barker Illustration of Lake Hartwell
An aerial shot shows Clemson's campus, Lake Hartwell and the Blue Ridge Mountains. An aerial shot shows Clemson's campus, Lake Hartwell and the Blue Ridge Mountains.

Find Clemson where the Blue Ridge yawns its greatness.

Main campus sits on 1,400 acres in the foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains, along the shores of Lake Hartwell. In addition, Clemson University has a presence in every South Carolina county through research facilities, economic development hubs and innovation campuses.

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A male student stands to speak in class as the monitors around him present the lecture notes.

“With every new opportunity Clemson has shown me, it’s lit a fire in me, and I’m always excited to do the next thing.”

Jason Albach,
secondary education and mathematical sciences ’24
A female student wearing jeans and a light blue sweater kneels next to an open file cabinet drawer in a printing lab and looks at paper samples.
A male student wearing jeans, a gray turtleneck and a cream-and-gray plaid jacket leans next to some machinery and examines a roll of label tape.
A female student wearing a safety vest and whistle is handed additional equipment as she prepares for an outside project.

“Clemson lends itself well to people pursuing whatever passions they have and melding different degrees to get a holistic education.”

Riley Stotzky,
political science and economics ’24

High School Counselors

Find the tools you need to help college-bound students learn about Clemson and gather the information needed to apply.

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A female counselor wearing jeans and a pink floral top sits on a wooden bench with a male professor wearing jeans and a light blue button-down top.