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A row of dairy cows look out of their fence.

Positively impacting people and animals across South Carolina

Elevating Lives

There has never been a better time to establish a new College of Veterinary Medicine in South Carolina. The human-animal bond is unique and profound. Along with the changing face of animal agriculture, efforts to spearhead the new college's mission and vision are critically important as we aim to achieve even greater heights of excellence for the University. Recent studies prove that ample qualified candidates are applying to veterinary colleges, yet there are not enough seats across the country to accommodate students' desire to become veterinarians. The Clemson College of Veterinary Medicine will create new opportunities to improve South Carolina's economy, retain top talent and protect animal and human health while serving our communities. We are excited you are here to learn more.

Dr. Steven Marks

This is an exciting time to be a part of Clemson. I’m honored to have the opportunity to play a part in positively impacting the people and the animals within the state.

Dr. Steven Marks
College of Veterinary Medicine

COWBEL CORE Membership

Clemson College of Veterinary Medicine became one of the most recent academic institutions to receive a COWBEL CORE membership. The Consortium of Workplace Based Education and Learning (COWBEL) is a group of international veterinary colleges and universities that provides students real-world clinical learning opportunities using a distributed clinical year model.

College of Veterinary Medicine
College of Veterinary Medicine | 142 Jersey Ln., Clemson, SC 29634