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College of Veterinary Medicine

Planned Student Services

Welcome to the College of Veterinary Medicine! Upon receiving approved accreditation status, the Clemson CVM has planned an extensive student support network. 

In addition to utilizing the main campus student services, Clemson CVM students will have many resources embedded within the DVM program specifically to benefit our students. We're here to help you make the most of your time at Clemson University and to ensure you're well-prepared for a rewarding career in veterinary medicine.

Below is a brief overview of these planned services students can access to thrive in their academic journey.


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Academic Resources

  • Student Handbook

    The College of Veterinary Medicine Student Handbook is currently in development and will be posted here once complete. Check here frequently for any updates regarding the handbook.

  • Academic Calendar

    The calendar here is only meant to represent what the CVM academic calendar will look like moving forward, pending AVMA COE accreditation. See the actual Clemson University Academic Calendar.

    Fall 2026

    August 19 

    University Convocation 

    CVM White Coat Ceremony

    August 20-22

    CVM Orientation 

    August 21

    Classes Begin for Main Campus

    August 23

    CVM Classes Begin

    September 2 

    Labor Day Holiday (University Closed/No Class) 

    October 11 

    Last day for instructors to issue midterm evaluations 

    October 14, 15 

    Fall Break (University Open/No Class) 

    November 5 

    Election Day (University Closed/No Class) 

    November 27-29

    Thanksgiving Holidays (University Closed/No Class) 

    December 9-13 


    December 18 

    9:00 A.M.--Deadline to submit grades 

    Spring 2027

    January 6 


    January 8 

    Classes Begin 

    January 20 

    Martin Luther King, Jr. holiday 

    January 29 

    Last day to apply for May commencement 

    February 28 

    Last day for instructors to issue midterm evaluations. 

    March 17-21 

    Spring Break 

    April 5-12 

    Honors and Awards Week 

    April 28-May 2 


    May 5 

    9:00 AM--deadline to submit candidate grades 

    May 7 

    9:00 AM--deadline to submit other grades 

    May 16

    CVM Commencement

    May 19

    Clerkships for 4th year students begin

  • Advising and Academic Support

    The CVM will employ professional staff in the Office of Academic Affairs and Office of Clinical Programs to support students with all their needs including academic advising, educational support and career planning. In conjunction with the faculty advisors, these coordinators will help students track progress toward their degree, select elective courses and navigate Clemson and veterinary student life.

    Upon entry, first-year students will be paired with a faculty mentor, based on background and area of interest. Students and mentors will be provided opportunities to connect both formally and informally throughout their first year and after. Faculty mentors will guide students throughout their DVM program on courses, career goals and life in general. Each faculty will be paired with multiple students each year and will maintain those relationships over the four years of the DVM program.

  • Libraries

    The CVM’s library will serve as the primary hub for its physical, digital and programmatic learning resources available to students. Under the direction of the Director of Teaching and Learning, the library will include print and digital circulation, programming for information literacy, and space and programming for tutoring, workshops and group and individual study.

    CVM students will also be encouraged to work with the centralized Clemson Libraries.

  • Clerkships

    During the final year of the DVM Program, students will receive clinical training within a distributed network of approved veterinary practices (Clinical Affiliates) located throughout South Carolina and neighboring states. Students will have the option to complete most of their clinical rotations within a few specific geographic areas. Alternatively, students can travel around the state more frequently to pursue clinical rotations of interest for their career aspirations.  

    During the Professional Development Unit of the curriculum, students will be advised on how to budget appropriately to ensure financial readiness for the Year 4 Clerkship Program. Clerkship scheduling will be organized around regional hubs to reduce unnecessary travel and relocation expenses. Since students will not be maintaining a full-time residence in Clemson during the fourth year, the previously budgeted housing costs (similar to Years 1-3) will be used for temporary housing at each hub. With guidance from the Office of Clinical Programs, the students will be responsible for securing housing and arranging travel during the fourth year. 

    The clinical year team, including dedicated CVM Faculty Mentors, will work to ensure that students find the right veterinary practices for clinical training sites. In addition, CVM Faculty Mentors will serve as the primary CVM contact for students during all clerkship rotations, helping students with any challenges they may encounter during the off-campus clinical experience. Furthermore, Clemson CVM student support services can be accessed remotely while students are working off-campus during clerkship rotations. 

  • Student Accessibility Services

    The CVM Student Services Coordinator will work directly with the Student Accessibility Services (SAS) office on Clemson’s main campus to ensure that student accommodation needs are met.

    The SAS office serves students with temporary or permanent disabilities as well as those with physical, psychological and learning disabilities. The CVM will consult with the SAS office as we develop the accessibility of our facilities and programming to ensure all students feel their needs are being met. Reasonable accommodations will be offered in all phases of the program.

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Student Life

  • Non-Academic Support

    The CVM will utilize Clemson’s multi-layered infrastructure to support student life. The CVM will maintain an internal CARE team of administrators who will liaise with the central CARE Network at Clemson managed through the Office of Advocacy and Success (OAS).

    According to the OAS website, “the CARE Network is designed to be one of the ways to help connect current students with the resources to help support them”. Referrals for CVM students will be brought forward to the CVM’s CARE team for review in confidence and independent of the faculty overseeing their academic assessment at the time of referral. Upon review, the CVM’s CARE team will determine the appropriate course of action or intervention.

  • Wellness

    Clemson CVM students will have access to all of the central Student Health Services available to other graduate and professional students.

    Student Health Services (SHS), based on Clemson's main campus at Redfern Health Center, can be accessed by all students. SHS offers wellness visits, vaccinations, a pharmacy, lab services, radiology, women’s health, sports medicine and referrals to specialized practice. 

    The CVM will employ professional mental health counselors to support the well-being of students throughout the course of their studies. A major goal of wellness programming will be preparing graduates to manage the mental health challenges they may encounter during their training program and upon entering the professional field. Counseling services will be provided to students in their clinical year via telehealth. 

  • Career Counseling

    The CVM will provide ample opportunities for career path exploration and networking through the Office of Academic Affairs. The CVM career services coordinator will work directly with students from day one of their program to offer a variety of services and strategies for professional growth and career planning, including:

    • Application material review.
    • Interview preparation and practice.
    • Job search strategies.
    • Regularly updated job board.
    • Personal branding expertise.
    • Guidance for salary and contract negotiation.
    • Career-related presentations and events.
    • Networking opportunities.
    • CVM-sponsored career fairs.
    • Support in navigating state licensure.
  • Financial Service

    The CVM will provide robust and comprehensive financial aid counseling to students, including ongoing scholarship support before and after matriculation, by maintaining an external scholarship fund database and providing coaching and guidance for students navigating and applying to external funding sources.

    For information regarding financial aid, please visit Clemson's Graduate Student Financial Aid and The American Association of Veterinary Medical Colleges (AAVMC) Scholarship Opportunities.

    The American Association of Veterinary Medical Colleges (AAVMC) and the American Veterinary Medical Association (AVMA) offer tools for prospective students to develop a plan for attending veterinary school. View the AAVMC Cost Comparison Tool to compare financial data across veterinary schools. View the AVMA Personal Financial Planning Tool to create a budget.

  • Campus Recreation

    In addition to Clemson's main Campus Recreation opportunities, the CVM HUB building will have a no-cost fitness center open 24 hours a day.

  • Dining

    The CVM Hub Building will provide convenient dining options for veterinary students. Visit Clemson Dining to see dining options across main campus and view meal plan options.

  • Off-Campus Student Services

    Visit Off-Campus Student Services to find off-campus housing, get connected with a roommate, learn more about surrounding area resources and much more.

  • Parking and Transportation Services

    All students who wish to park in the College of Veterinary Medicine parking lots must purchase an annual parking pass through Clemson University Parking Services. Additionally, alternative parking passes are available for motorcycle and moped drivers to purchase.

    Other forms of transportation, such as Clemson area public transportation, airport shuttles, and Clemson's Bikeshare program can be viewed here

    Please note that parking passes must be renewed each academic year.

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Statement on Community Engagement, Belonging and Access

The College of Veterinary Medicine (CVM) is committed to the University's core values of honesty, integrity and respect leading to community, belonging and access. We aspire to create a community that welcomes all students, staff and faculty working as a team towards common goals. Furthermore, the CVM aspires to foster a community of belonging where all members thrive and will do so by building positive relationships, broadening collective understanding, providing experiential learning opportunities and engaging in innovation and collaborative research.

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