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Student Financial Aid

Graduate Student Aid 

Graduate students are Clemson University students enrolled in a master’s or doctorate-level academic program. Financial aid for graduate students is primarily provided at the department level. If you are a current or future graduate student, we suggest you contact the Graduate School for more information regarding graduate fellowships and assistantships.

Two female automotive engineering students in orange shirts connect electrical wires controlling a screen in a vehicle frame.

Graduate Student Financial Aid Programs 

Academic Common Market  

The Academic Common Market (ACM) is a Southern Regional Education Board (SREB) program that allows out-of-state graduate students to pay in-state resident fees in specialized fields. The program allows students in the 16 SREB states to apply for and be approved for in-state tuition.  

Academic Common Market-Eligible Graduate Programs (PDF)  Academic Common Market Program Details

Graduate Internship Opportunities

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