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Student Financial Aid

Use Dynamic Forms to Submit Electronic Forms and Documents 

Dynamic Forms is an electronic form portal that provides secure information and documentation submission. Student accounts are automatically created when their Clemson username is activated. Parents must create their own accounts to complete forms.

While Dynamic Forms does offer the option to opt out from signing a form electronically, it is not recommended. This can lead to the submission of an incomplete form and impact processing time for your information and documentation. Please note that opting out of electronic signatures does not submit the form to Student Financial Aid for review.

Access Dynamic Forms 

  • Student Dynamic Forms Access

    Students should submit new forms via their iROAR portal. Previously submitted forms can be accessed through the Student Dynamic Forms Portal. Please email if you have issues logging in to your account. 

    Shared Devices 

    If you share a computer with your parent or guardian, remember to log out of your account and close the browser before your parent or guardian attempts to create or log in to their account. If Dynamic Forms still loads with your account after closing your browser, clear the browser cache and try again.  

  • Parent Dynamic Forms Access 

    Parents and guardians can use the links in the system-generated emails or log in to the Parent Dynamic Forms Portal. Parents and guardians will need to create their accounts before accessing forms. 

    If you’d like to change the name on your account, you can update this information in Dynamic Forms under Manage Account > Name.  

    Parent/Guardian Sign-in Error Checklist  

    If you are getting an error while attempting to sign in, please review the following checklist.  

    • Have you created your account? 

    • If not, create an account to get started.

    • Ensure your email address is correct.

    • If you have an existing account but the student listed a different email address, you can contact to change it.

    • Double-check your password.
    • You can easily use the Forgot Password link on the login page if you cannot remember your password. If you are having issues resetting your password, please make sure you are using the correct email address. For support in resetting your password, please contact Dynamic Forms support at

    • Clear your browser’s cache, close the browser and try again.

    • Try another browser or device, if possible. 

    • You can view Dynamic Forms systems requirements to make sure your browser and device work with Dynamic Forms. 

    • If you are still experiencing issues, please email with the error you are receiving. 

Edit Your Form

Accepted File Types 

PDFs are preferred, but we will also accept, doc, docx, xls, xlsx, jpg, jpeg or png files. 

Please ensure attachments are not password protected, as this could delay the processing of your financial aid.  

Once you have completed your section and provided your signature, you cannot edit the information on the form. If you need to correct any information on the form after signing, please reach out to with your CUID, the form you need to update and the reason for the update.   

Complete Designated Sections 

In most cases, there are designated student and parent sections that only the responsible party can complete. Please check the headers to make sure you fill out the appropriate sections. 

Complete Form Signatures 

If your parent or guardian is required as a cosigner on the form and they are not receiving the email to complete the form, you can update this information. Log in to Dynamic Forms, go to Pending/Draft Forms and click Manage Cosigners to verify/update the email address. Make sure to save the changes before closing the pop-up window. If you are having difficulties, please reach out to us at and provide the updated email address for your cosigner.

Submit Your Form  

To submit your form, proceed to the electronic signature page or click “Submit Form” for forms that do not require a signature. 

Many of our forms prevent duplicate submissions for the same school year. If the information supplied on the form creates conflicting information, a financial aid counselor will reach out to you to clarify the conflict.  

For security and workflow purposes, we do not accept forms or attached documents via email. If you are having difficulties submitting forms online or are experiencing an ADA technology barrier, please reach out to us at, and a member of our staff will assist you. 

Check the Status of Your Form  

To check the status of a form, log into Dynamic Forms and select the Pending/Draft Forms section. If the form in question is listed, you may view the PDF or HTML version of the form to see which signatures are still pending. If not listed under Pending/Draft Forms, check under Form History. If listed under Form History, all required fields were completed, and all required signatures were supplied. 

See Updates in iROAR  

Many of our forms are on a schedule to update your account within 24 hours. If the form has been completed with the required signatures and the status has not been updated within two business days (Monday-Friday, excluding holidays), please reach out to us at