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Student Financial Aid

Check Your Financial Aid Status in iROAR

If additional documents are needed to finalize the processing of your financial aid, you will need to visit the iROAR portal and select the following tabs/links:

  1. Financial Aid
  2. My Financial Aid (iROAR)
  3. Eligibility

If any additional information is required, the necessary documents will be displayed as Unsatisfied Requirements. Where possible, we provide you with a link to the document and instructions to complete each requirement.

Once you have satisfied your additional requirements, you should review the Terms and Conditions. Then you may view and accept your financial aid package by selecting the following tabs/links:

  1. Financial Aid
  2. My Financial Aid (iROAR)
  3. Award
  4. Award for Aid Year
  5. Select the applicable "Financial Aid Year."
  6. Award Overview
  7. Accept Award Offer

On the Accept Award Offer tab, you can review and accept your awards individually or as an entire package. To accept individually, you will need to select your decision from the drop-down menu of each award listed and then choose the Submit Decision button. To accept your entire package, you will select Accept Full Amount All Awards. Use the Comment section to indicate any award or enrollment changes of which you would like to notify us.

The financial aid packages for incoming first-year students will be available to view after the first week of April. The financial aid packages for continuing, transfer and graduate students will be available after the first week of June. All students will be notified by email when their financial aid package becomes available to view on the iROAR portal.