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Student Financial Aid

Specific Aid Tasks 

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Undergraduate students will need to take specific actions to secure financial aid for their first year, and there are ongoing financial aid tasks required to continue receiving aid. This page provides a guide to those tasks.

Complete Dynamic Forms

Dynamic Forms is an electronic form portal that enables Clemson students and their parents to submit information and documentation to financial aid securely.

Maintain Your Aid Eligibility

Clemson students must meet GPA, pacing and maximum timeframe requirements to remain eligible for financial aid each semester.

Submit an Appeal

Clemson students have the right to appeal or request a review of their financial aid offer at the beginning of their academic career and in subsequent semesters if demonstrated need changes or financial aid is lost for any reason.

Return Aid After Withdrawing

Students who withdraw from the University will need to follow specific processes to determine their percentage of unearned aid and how to return unearned federal, state and University-awarded aid.

Determine Your Residency

Residency classification is used to determine if a student qualifies for in-state tuition. There is also an appeal process for students whose residency classification is in question.

See Residency Information
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Prepare Aid for Summer Session  

Students must complete the Financial Aid Request Form for Summer Enrollment to get any type of Summer aid unless they are a Summer Start student. This includes state scholarships, recruiting scholarships and federal aid. 

Learn about Summer Financial Aid Complete the Financial Aid Request Form for Summer Enrollment