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Student Financial Aid

Degree-Seeking Status

To qualify for federal financial aid, you must apply and be accepted into a degree-seeking program at Clemson University. Most types of financial aid require a student to enroll in at least half-time credits each semester.

Half-time status for undergraduate students is defined as 6 credit hours.

Half-time status for graduate students is defined as 5 credit hours.

Enrollment in courses that do not apply to your program of study may not count toward your enrollment status for financial aid purposes. 

Students who are seeking a second bachelor's degree are considered post-baccalaureate students. Although most undergraduate federal aid is restricted to first-degree-seeking students, post-baccalaureate students may be eligible to borrow federal loans. Students must apply/change to a major that is different from their previously earned degree to be considered.  


Ensure your courses satisfy Course Program of Study (CPoS) requirements

CPoS is a United States Department of Education regulation requiring that students receiving federal student aid be enrolled in courses that are applicable toward their degree.