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A dozen students are huddled together with their arms around each other, smiling for a group photo in front of the brick Class of 1939 bell tower on Clemson’s campus

Community That Creates Action

Clemson is where you are inspired to refine your skills, guided through new challenges and encouraged to help others along the way. On campus, our diverse community comes together to create meaningful impact.

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Surroundings That Inspire Gratitude

A walk across Clemson’s campus transports visitors from rolling hills to Death Valley and farther still to Lake Hartwell. The sound of the carillon greets those within earshot of Tillman Hall, and often, the sight of an orange and purple sunset signals the end of a day spent in Clemson.

James Barker Illustration of Brooks Center
Three female students sit together at a table on an autumn day with their laptops open in an outdoor space featuring a view of Lake Hartwell and a sandy beach.
A group of six students plays volleyball on Bowman Field. A female student attempts to tap the ball over the net while a male student tries to block the attempt.

Organizations That Foster Friendships

A group of male students in a student lounge area sits on patterned chairs to form a circle. An open laptop computer sits in front of one of the students.
A female student wearing jeans and an orange sweater smiles while sitting in a chair and holding a cup of coffee.

“I wanted to be connected to this school more than anything. I wanted to be a part of the Clemson Family. Being connected to my school is very important to me, and the best way I could is being involved in groups. That has been the best decision I have made during my time at Clemson. … It’s just been so nice to get plugged into so many different outlets on campus and then meet people from all over campus.”

Mary Ballentine,
women’s leadership and accounting ’23

Campus Culture That Promotes Family

A male student wearing a blue T-shirt and a white hardhat and a female student wearing a blue T-shirt and an orange hardhat stand in front of a Habitat for Humanity home build.

“The family feel of Clemson has been amazing. … At Clemson, I’ve experienced treating people how you want to be treated and helping others when it’s needed. Carrying that into my career will be important.”

Addison Dicks,
construction science and management ’22
A man and a woman with three young boys, all wearing Clemson spirit gear, sit on a concrete ledge during the First Friday Parade. The young boys are holding orange and white balloons adorned with Clemson Tiger paws.