Office of Major Fellowships

Have you ever thought about traveling to a foreign country to learn something about yourself? Pursuing a research project over the summer? Working to serve a community in need or to gain practical experience? Continuing your studies after you graduate?

Whatever path you are considering, there are nationally competitive programs available to help you accomplish all these goals. The challenge of competing for these scholarships is substantial. Whether or not they eventually win, students who seriously undertake the process of preparing and applying for a major fellowship, or placement, are in for a life-changing experience. Because you will be competing against the very best college students from across the nation, it's natural to think that the odds are against you. As you read through foundation websites, the tone at times may seem a bit uninviting, perhaps even discouraging. The staff of the Office of Major Fellowships is here to assist students in strategically developing robust careers throughout their time at Clemson, as well as helping them to prepare the strongest applications possible for major fellowship opportunities such as the Truman, Marshall, Goldwater, Rhodes and many others.

The Office of Major Fellowships serves the entire university population: undergrads, grads and recent alumni.

RobynCurtis_DirectorMF Robyn Curtis
Director, Office of Major Fellowships
191 Cribb Hall (Core Campus D)


WarrenChatwin_AssistantDirector-MFWarren Chatwin
Assistant Director, Office of Major Fellowships
191B Cribb Hall (Core Campus D)