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National Scholars Program

A group of National Scholars posing together outside

A Community of Scholars

The 2022 graduating class with Sarah Winslow (left) and Danielle McFarquhar (right)

Since 2000, the National Scholars Program has offered unmatched learning experiences to a select group of Clemson University undergraduate students. Their intellectual, professional and personal development are enhanced by a dynamic, creative, and engaging array of educational enrichment experiences. This includes a full cost of attendance scholarship, enhanced program opportunities, and becoming part of a community of scholars on campus. 

As inquisitive learners, National Scholars strive to understand the world around them and to share their knowledge with others.

As leaders in key roles on campus, they shape student and academic life at Clemson.

As National Scholars, these students form a strong community, challenging and supporting each other in their endeavors.

About the Program

Our Vision

The National Scholars Program strives to create a transformative community offering life-changing experiences and developing thoughtful scholar-leaders who listen, critically examine their place in the world, and use their talents to serve.

Our Mission

In collaboration with other University offices and programs, the mission of Clemson's National Scholars Program is as follows:

  • Recruit and select the top high school students applying to the Clemson University Honors College.
  • Provide a competitive scholarship that covers all tuition, fees and other required expenses.
  • Coordinate a rewarding summer of study and travel abroad.
  • Create and program intellectually challenging and rewarding enrichment opportunities.
  • Provide individual and group advising that addresses and enhances the National Scholars’ interests and skills.
  • Prepare the National Scholars to excel in graduate school and on fellowship applications.
Maddie Maylath

“The relationships I've made through NSP have been instrumental in making me both a better student and engaged citizen in the world around me. The abundance of knowledge, passion, and brilliant ideas that my fellow scholars bring to the table has never ceased to amaze me. Their energy and capability for creating positive change has motivated me and ultimately helped me have the courage to forge the right path for myself, even when it was one I wasn't sure of. NSP is a group of like minded, wonderful people, and I have it to thank for my most treasured friendships and experiences at Clemson.”

Madeline (Maddie Maylath)
Program Alumna (2023)

Scholar News

Clemson University National Scholars Program
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