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Picture a Scientist

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Watch the film. Join a discussion. (P.S., it’s not just for scientists!)

Picture a Scientist...

Or an artist, a researcher, a writer, a performer, an instructor, a consultant, a professor, an administrator or....

From brutal harassment and institutional discrimination to subtle slights and isolation, this award-winning documentary follows three women through their experiences in science. None of these experiences is unique to science, however, and viewers from every academic field are likely to find countless moments of recognition and resonance.

Also featured are academic luminaries who provide new perspectives on how to make science — and other disciplines — more diverse, equitable and open to all.


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Choose when and how you'd like to watch the full film.

  • Watch on Your Own

    In addition to the free streaming through our library, the film is also available on Netflix (for subscribers) and Apple TV (for subscribers). Watch and then attend one of the roundtable debriefs to unpack your thoughts and feelings, learn how to be a better ally to women in your field or just discuss the film in general.

  • Host Friends and Colleagues

    Why not invite a few friends to watch with you? Consider emailing invitees with something like this:

    Hey, I'm getting some people together to watch the documentary "Picture a Scientist" about the challenges women in science face, but really the stories are applicable to any field. I think it's important because (talk about how you feel it's relevant to you and the people you're inviting). You can watch a trailer and read more about the film at (Add your own date/time/RSVP info.)

    Discussion guide from the film’s producers

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The Filmmakers
Watch co-writers and co-producers Sharon Shattuck and Ian Cheney discuss the film.

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About the Scientists
Read more about the scientists featured in the film.

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Film Homepage
Read more about the film.

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Women’s Month Events
Find more Women’s Celebration Month events at Clemson each March.

Want to Talk? Have Questions? Need Info?

Some viewers of this film might want to process it with others. The University offers a host of resources to address these issues, whether it is counseling to help with the aftermath of an incident or information about your options if you are faced with harassment or discrimination.

Counseling and Psychological Services (CAPS)

Deer Oaks Student Assistance Program - for graduate assistants

Title IX Office - sexual harassment and sexual violence support and resources

University Policies and Procedures for Equitable Treatment

CARE Network Report

Office of Community and Ethical Standards Online Incident Report - form for reporting bias incidents