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Clemson University Graduate School

Award Recipients


Each year the Graduate School and other units recognize outstanding student researchers, teaching assistants, and more.
The important role of graduate student support from faculty and staff is also highlighted.

  • Distinguished Doctoral Mentoring Award
    Year Recipient Title and Department
    2022-2023 William C. Norman Professor,
    Parks, Recreation and Tourism Management
    2022-2023 Marco Ajello Associate Professor,
    Physics and Astornomy
    2021-2022 Xiangchun Xuan Professor,
    Department of Mechanical Engineering
    2021-2022 Patrick Rosopa Professor,
    Department of Psychology
    2020-2021 Lori Dickes Associate Professor,
    Department of Politcal Science
    2020-2021 Hai Yao Ernest R. Norville Endowed Chair and Professor,
    Department of Bioengineering
  • Distinguished Graduate Student Support Staff Award
    Year Recipient Title and Department
    2022-2023 Tonyia Stewart Student Services Manager,
    College of Engineering, Computing and Applied Sciences
    2021-2022 Michael Jeremiah Farmer Student Services Manager,
    Automotive Engineering
    2020-2021 Laura Kinard Student Services Program Manager,
    Department of Materials Science and Engineering
  • Frankie O. Felder Graduate Student Award of Excellence
    Year Recipient Department
    2021-2022 Rebecca Pool Communication, Technology and Society
    2020-2021 William H. Edwards International Family and Community Studies
    2019-2020 Ingrid Nyakabwa Parks, Recreation and Tourism Management 
    2017-2018 Deborah Wingler Planning, Design, and the Built Environment
  • Norsaadah Husain International Graduate Student Support Award
    Year Recipient Title and Department
    2022-2023 Diana Vanegas Assistant Professor,
    Environmental Engineering and Earth Science
  • Outstanding Graduate Researcher Award
    Year Recipient Department
    2022-2023 Haonan Wu Physics
    2022-2023 Olivia McAnirlin Parks, Recreation and Tourism Management 
    2021-2022 Andrew Peloquin Chemistry
    2021-2022 Moses Namara Human-Centered Computing
    2020-2021 Xiaohong Zhang Chemical Engineering
    2020-2021 Xiurui Zhao Physics
    2019-2020 Emilie Adams Parks, Recreation and Tourism Management 
    2019-2020 Longxiang Guo Automotive Engineering
    2017-2018 Maxime Cavillon Materials Science and Engineering
    2017-2018 Yenhui Peng Physics and Astronomy
    2016-2017 Adam Klett Chemical Engineering
    2016-2017 Madeline Dowling Plant and Environmental Sciences
    2015-2016 Kristen S. Jennings Industrial/Organizational Psychology
    2015-2016 Xinyu Lu Mechanical Engineering
  • Outstanding Graduate Teaching Assistant Award
    Year Recipient Department
    2022-2023 Ali Shirzadi Babakan Business Administration
    2022-2023 Blake Splitter Mathematical Sciences
    2021-2022 Jenny Presgraves Policy Studies
    2021-2022 Pranith Abbaraju Management
    2020-2021 Leah Wiitablake Engineering and Science Education
    2020-2021 Sara Krivacek Business Administration
    2019-2020 Jenna Crowder Plant and Environmental Sciences
    2019-2020 Mitra Shabani Mechanical Engineering
    2017-2018 Huixi Li Mathematical Sciences
    2017-2018 Markus Miller Animal and Veterinary Sciences
    2016-2017 Andrea Gaertner Chemistry
    2016-2017 Eric Stephens Rhetorics, Communication, and Information Design
    2015-2016 Brandon W. Lee Management
    2015-2016 Maria L. Rodgers Biological Sciences
  • Phil and Mary Bradley Graduate Student Award for Mentoring in Creative Inquiry
    Year Recipient Department
    2022-2023 Vishal Manjunatha Food, Nutrition and Packaging Science
    2021-2022 Lauren Elizabeth Stockzynski Biological Sciences