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Clemson University Graduate School

Theses and Dissertations

Writing, Defending and Publishing Your Research

Your thesis or dissertation is the capstone of your original research work for your master’s or doctoral degree. The Graduate School uses the TigerPrints ETD portal for reviewing, electronic publishing and archiving of your work. Once approved, your thesis or dissertation will be published through the University’s TigerPrints repository.

Steps for Completing Your Thesis or Dissertation


There are specific formatting guidelines your document must follow to be approved for publication according to the Graduate School’s standards.

Defending Your Work

Schedule your presentation with the Graduate School, present it to your graduate committee and get signatures on your defense forms.

Converting Your Manuscript

There are specific formatting and file guidelines for transferring your document from its original file format to the PDF accepted by the ETD system.

Submitting Your Manuscript

Upload your PDF manuscript to the TigerPrints ETD system for review and receive feedback, usually in 1-3 business days.

Revising your Manuscript

Manuscript reviewers will notify you if revisions are required before your thesis or dissertation can be accepted. (Many require at least one round of revisions.)

Finishing the Process

Once you receive your acceptance email, you’ve finished. Congratulations!

The Next Step:

Check Your Deadlines  

Staying on top of your deadlines can be the difference between graduating on time or having to wait another semester. Know when deadlines are coming up for the steps in this process, so you can plan ahead, structure your schedule and minimize your stress level as you approach graduation day.

Deadlines by Graduation Date