Research Symposium

2019 Clemson University Research Symposium

2020 Clemson University Research Symposium

2020 Research Symposium has been postponed until further notice. Check back for updates!

The annual Research Symposium demonstrates the breadth of creative endeavors undertaken by Clemson’s diverse community of scholars and serves as a launching pad for inter-disciplinary research collaboration. Faculty from each college and the libraries participate, as do members of Clemson’s executive leadership team. The daylong event, planned by the Vice President for Research Faculty Advisory Board includes oral and poster presentations and panel discussions on targeted topics of broad interest suggested by faculty.

Please check back for updates.

Highlights from 2018

Faculty members from each College gathered at the 2018 Research Symposium to learn about research happening across campus and spark conversations about collaboration. The symposium served as a medium for dialog generation, for change, and for participation from the audience. It provided an opportunity for research work to be showcased and known across a growing audience each year.

Symposium 2018

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