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Division of Research

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R-Initiatives – R-Initiative programs nurture scholarship and discovery at Clemson University by providing funding opportunities and professional development support, while recognizing excellence through awards programs.

BioRAFT Safety Management – The BioRAFT software management system provides a user-friendly platform for researchers to track laboratory inventories, manage safety equipment, track training for investigators and lab members, streamline inspections and more.

Career Awards Early career awards are a strong endorsement of novel research and teaching ideas and a good sign of a promising career. 

Faculty Insight Faculty Insight empowers faculty to uncover funding opportunities and identify subject matter experts at Clemson and provides them with a comprehensive, editable pre-populated research profile.

iLab Facility Scheduling – iLab provides a convenient online platform to schedule time and manage billing at all of the core research facilities of the Division of Research.

Proposal Repository (ORD)The Office of Research Development Proposal Repository contains a vast library of proposals to offer researchers examples from which to guide their proposal-writing strategies. Proposals can be filtered by funding agency and/or document type, such as full proposals, data management plans, logic models, reviews, letters of collaboration, and others. Users can also search document titles, authors, categories and types by keyword.

Research Advisory Board - The Research Advisory Board comprises faculty representatives from each college and the libraries. The board meets regularly with the Vice President for Research to provide input on enhancing the University’s research culture and quality of scholarly endeavors.

Research Assets Search Tool - This Tableau dashboard uses data from the Fixed Assets group of Accounting Services’ AIM system to display assets dedicated to research activities. Data is refreshed nightly, allowing the University to maximize the utilization of research equipment through potential asset-sharing, cost-sharing on service agreements, and/or transfer. Deans, Associate Deans and Department Chairs can access the Research Assets Search Tool using their Clemson login and DUO.

Research Policies – The Division of Research policy manual is available to download in a pdf format or view online.

Quarterly Research Reports – The quarterly research reports submitted to the Clemson University Board of Trustees include data on Clemson research activity, along with news and highlights of Clemson faculty and impactful research.


Division of Research
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