Research Advisory Board

Last Updated:   09/09/2022

Contact Name

Penny Reid, Executive Assistant to the Vice President of Research


The Research Advisory Board provides advice and representation on issues affecting the University's research efforts. The Research Advisory Board will provide the Vice President for Research with direct faculty input on procedural matters to enhance the quality of scholarly endeavors and growth of research programs under the Vice President for Research's direction. The Research Advisory Board will be expected to transcend unit and college lines to promote shared values, and to represent a cohesive point of view to the Vice President for Research.

This committee is authorized by the Clemson University Committee on Committees. Changes to its description or composition should be initated with the Faculty Senate Office.

Membership Composition

Chair Mechanism unknown; assumed to be VPR.

Membership Composition - Research Advisory Board
Seat Type Quantity Term Length Date of Term Initiation Seat Filling Mechanism Voting or Non-Voting Other Factors
Regular Faculty Member (One per college and the libraries) 8 3 years August 15 Elected by faculty accorded voting rights in each college Voting  
Vice President of Research 1 By position Non-voting  
President of the Faculty Senate or designee 1 1 year April 15 By position Voting  

Membership List (Last Updated: 10/14/2021 10:06:43 AM)

Changes to the current chair and membership list should be initiated with the Faculty Senate Office.


Chair List - Research Advisory Board
Name Chair Type Email* College or Division Department Term Start Term End


Member List - Research Advisory Board
Name Seat Type Email* College or Division Department Service Start Service End
Janice Withycombe Regular Faculty Member jswithy BSHS School of Nursing 8/15/2021 8/14/2024
Erin Goss Regular Faculty Member egoss CAAH English 8/15/2020 8/14/2023
Christopher Saski Regular Faculty Member saski CAFLS 8/15/2021 8/14/2024
Srikanth Pilla Regular Faculty Member spilla CECAS Automotive Engineering 8/15/2020 8/14/2023
Erica Walker Regular Faculty Member eblack4 CoB Graphic Communications 8/15/2022 8/14/2025
Danielle Herro Regular Faculty Member dherro CoE 8/15/2020 8/14/2023
Dev P. Arya Regular Faculty Member dparya CoS Chemistry 8/15/2020 8/14/2023
Christopher Vidas Regular Faculty Member cvidas University Libriaries 8/15/2022 8/14/2025
Tanju Karanfil President of the Faculty Senate or designee tkaranf Division of Research Environmental Engineering and Earth Sciences
* Emails are unless noted
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