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Faculty Senate

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Office: 171 Sirrine Hall

515 Calhoun Drive
Clemson, SC 29634

Phone: 864-656-2456

The Faculty Senate Office personnel directs and supports four interwoven, mission-critical faculty governance units of the University: Faculty Senate, Grievance Board, Faculty Manual, and Faculty Representative to the Board of Trustees; and three faculty awards and related events.

William Everroad, University Faculty Governance Director and Faculty Senate Parliamentarian

Corinne Henderson, J.D., University Faculty Governance Coordinator

Senate Leadership

Senate Officers

Lauren Duffy


Sarah White

Vice President

Jennifer Holland


Committee Chairs

Jace Garrett

Finance Committee Chair

Tyler Harvey

Policy Committee Chair

Jessica Larsen

Research Committee Chair

Andy Tennyson

Scholastic Policies Committee Chair

Jennifer Holland

Welfare Committee Chair