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Pre-Law Programs

Seek Justice. Start at Clemson.

Clemson University offers robust options for students interested in pursuing law school and a legal career after earning a bachelor's degree. The College of Arts and Humanities maintains a pre-law advising office and offers counseling from a professional pre-law advisor. Our pre-law advising services extend to students of all majors who hope to pursue law as a career, and our office provides the resources and support to prepare you for a future in law.

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Prospective Students

  • What should new college students do to prepare for law school?
    1. Establish an outstanding academic record. 
    2. Take courses that develop your writing, critical thinking, and communication skills.
    3. Become active in campus and community organizations, especially those that focus on public service.  
    4. Demonstrate that you possess maturity and strong character.  
    5. Make an effort to talk to as many attorneys as you can so that you develop an appreciation for the benefits and demands of a career in the law. 

    And, if you have any questions, contact Tim Garrison.

  • Choosing a major

    The American Bar Association (ABA) suggests that the “traditional” majors considered appropriate for law school preparation include “history, English, philosophy, political science, economics or business,” and it encourages students to “pursue an area of study that interests and challenges you, while taking advantage of opportunities to develop your research and writing skills.” 

    The ABA adds that the following skills provide a sound foundation for legal education: problem-solving, critical reading, writing and editing, oral communication and listening, and analytical research. Finally, the ABA encourages students to demonstrate an interest in public service and the promotion of justice during their time in college.

Recommended Majors

Opportunities beyond the classroom

William Howell Pre-Law Society

The William Howell Pre-Law Society is Clemson University's society for students interested in pursuing a career in the legal field.

Mock Trial

Clemson Mock Trial provides space for Students to develop critical thinking and public speaking skills while becoming familiar with legal procedures.

Moot Court

Learn to read, think, write, and argue like a lawyer.

Alumni are saying...

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“I always had a vague idea of eventually going to law school, but my choice ultimately came about after I had been working for a year. Working in a legal-adjacent industry expanded my understanding of the law as well as my interest in it. Through philosophy, I had an appreciation for complex logical arguments. However, having to marry those arguments with other types of arguments and a complicated fact pattern is what really intrigued me.”

Sylvia Wu
Harvard Law Student
Clemson B.A. Philosophy and B.S. Math
A person in a white shirt in front of a white background

“Clemson University prepared me for success in law school and in my career. As a history major, I was exposed to a well-rounded education that allowed me to think critically and gain skills that are transferable to the legal profession. Professors such as Dr. Paul Anderson, Dr. Rachel Moore, Dr. Steven Marks, and Dr. Caroline Dunn challenged me in the classroom in ways that translated directly to the Socratic method used at Georgia Law. ”

Andrew Leipold
Attorney, Georgia Tech Office of Ethics and Compliance, former U.S. Army judge advocate
Clemson B.A. History

Student Resources

Pre-Law Canvas Site

To access our Pre-Law Canvas site, complete a short survey.


Schedule an appointment with the Pre-Law Advisor with Navigate.

TigerLink Professional Partners Pre-Law Group

Network with Clemson alumni who have established themselves in legal careers.