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Mock Trial

Mock Trial At Clemson

Learn to examine witnesses and give opening and closing statements, or come along to share your acting chops by acting as witnesses in a fictional trial. Mock trial is simulated trial court in which students act as lawyers or witnesses in presenting a short trial before judges. Some students are selected to participate in regional tournaments of the American Mock Trial Association, while others participate in scrimmages and help prepare their teammates for competition. Have fun while gaining experience in public speaking and exposure to legal principles and practice. To enroll, after contacting the coach, you should sign up for PHIL 4920 (mock trial, creative inquiry) for fall semester. Tournaments are held in the early spring semester, so it involves a two-semester commitment. Starting in August 2024 mock trial at Clemson will be coached by Cary Berkeley Kaye

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““Moot court and mock trial are each a fabulous way to explore different aspects of law””

Cary Berkeley Kaye
Department of Philosophy and Religion