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Female student in lab with sediment

Advanced Scholarship

The College of Engineering, Computing and Applied Sciences (CECAS) offers a broad range of rigorous and rewarding baccalaureate programs which provide exceptional academic opportunities. Combining engineering and science disciplines facilitates study and research in fields transcending traditional areas. Students enjoy close interaction with distinguished faculty committed to undergraduate education and research excellence.

ABET, an independent organization that ensures programs meet quality standards, has accredited our engineering and computer science programs.

Automotive Engineering B.S.

Increasingly becoming multi-disciplinary, an Automotive Engineering B.S. degree can help build a foundation of skills geared toward the megatrends shaping this multi-trillion-dollar industry. Clemson’s automotive engineering program is renowned for developing top talent and is known for being pioneers in the sector.

AuE Overview
Two students in the AuE program on the CU-ICAR campus.
Student with vials in lab with faculty member

Bioengineering B.S.

The goal of bioengineering is the same as it has been for generations: create integrated, innovative technology to improve human health. The ways to reach that goal, on the other hand, are as varied as ever. Clemson’s Department of Bioengineering tackles tough issues through research and hands-on experiences.

BIOE Overview

Biosystems Engineering B.S.

Biosystems Engineering is a field dedicated to studying the footprints our ideas may leave on the earth and determining the best ways to prevent permanent harm. At Clemson, you’ll learn the fundamentals of engineering science and biological applications through hands-on, team-based experiential learning activities.

BioSys Overview
Students outside at dock collecting sample
Student in laboratory with vials

Chemical Engineering B.S.

Based on the sciences of chemistry, biology, physics, and mathematics, chemical engineering is at the forefront of environmental pollution prevention and remediation and is also leading the way in medical and health-related research. Clemson’s program offers increased interaction between students and faculty.

ChemE Overview

Civil Engineering B.S.

Civil engineers plan, design, construct, maintain and operate facilities and systems that control and improve the environment for modern civilizations. At Clemson, our civil engineering program utilizes hands-on lab experiences, strong student/faculty relationships, and a curriculum that works toward your goals.

CE Overview
Two students inspecting wood grain
Faculty member with student and device

Computer Engineering B.S.

The Computer Engineering program provides in-depth education and hands-on experience with computers of all sizes. Students learn to solve real-world problems on hardware and computer architecture, software, and systems through a versatile array of technical electives that include communication and intelligent systems.

CompE Overview

Computer Science B.S./B.A.

For Computer Science, choose how technical (B.S.) or interdisciplinary (B.A.) you want your degree. The B.S. program is oriented toward designing, implementing, and applying software systems to solve information processing problems. The B.A. is ideal for acquiring a broad-based liberal arts education with a solid computer science understanding.

CompSci Overview
Two students at computer talking
Female and male students utilizing laptop for project.

Computer Information Systems B.S.

The Computer Information Systems (CIS) degree program is oriented toward computer applications in management-related problems. The program emphasizes functional areas of management, including accounting, production, marketing, and finance, and the applications of computers in these areas.

CIS Overview

Electrical Engineering B.S.

The Electrical Engineering program encompasses circuits, computer engineering, electromagnetic fields, electronics, controls, signal analysis, power systems, and communications. Technical electives during senior year allow students to select specialties.

ElectricalE Overview
Student in lab with electronics
Faculty member with students outside

Environmental Engineering B.S.

Environmental engineers are on the frontlines of world issues. Clemson University has the first ABET-accredited undergraduate degree program in South Carolina for environmental engineering and offers a core curriculum that emphasizes areas including wastewater treatment, air pollution control, sustainability, and risk assessment.

ENV ENG Overview

Geology B.S.

The B.S. degree in Geology offers students a flexible program of study that emphasizes hands-on experience in classrooms, laboratories, and fieldwork. Optional concentration areas in hydrogeology and environmental science are offered for students interested in those specific career paths.

Geology Overview
Group in cave
Writing on glass wall in Watt

Industrial Engineering B.S.

Clemson’s Industrial Engineering program focuses on several major research and teaching emphasis areas that involve optimization, supply chain design, quality control, user-centered design, and ergonomics. Your capstone class allows you to apply everything you’ve learned to a project for an off-campus client such as Caterpillar, 3M, or Milliken.

IE Overview

Materials Science & Engineering B.S.

Materials Science & Engineering is a vast, interdisciplinary field based around the creation of materials that will change and define how we go about our everyday tasks. The program establishes in students a broad foundation in the science and engineering of materials and hands-on work with particles, thin films, and bulk materials.

MSE Overview
Student in orange at lab hood
Students working on project

Mechanical Engineering B.S.

Mechanical Engineering students prepare for a career in engineering and for lifelong learning through a balanced B.S. program that includes working in teams and individually. Curriculum covers fundamental engineering sciences as well as the arts and humanities to develop a deeper understanding of today’s complex modern society.

ME Overview

Undergraduate Team

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