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Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering


Solving Real-World Technical Problems

Want to build computer simulations that better match patients to treatment? Or develop materials that respond to diseases in the central nervous system? That's exactly what Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering faculty members at Clemson are researching. Chemical engineering uses science, math and engineering principles to solve technical problems that face the world today. A bachelor's degree in Chemical Engineering will prepare you for a wide variety of careers related to the environment, advanced and renewable materials, energy conservation, consumer products, health, pharmaceuticals and biotechnology.

Many of our B.S. graduates chose to pursue advanced degrees, with some pursuing MBAs, medicine, veterinary, or law degrees. Most Chemical Engineering graduates take positions in industry, government, academia, or business.

Kitchens pouring liquid as student observes.
Female and male students in lab weighing powder.
Close view of powder.

Undergraduate Studies

A Chemical Engineering major offers unique coursework and research opportunities that give you hands-on experience working with chemical and biological systems that provide the building blocks of advanced materials and technologies. With six different emphasis areas to choose from, you can customize your studies to learn more about creating sustainable solutions, running a business, working on biomedical devices, and much more.

Senior departmental honors can be added to enhance the degree, whereby students will conduct an extensive research project under the direction of a faculty member. Pursuing an honors distinction fosters a greater depth of technical interests and a closer relationship between students and faculty.

B.S. Program Chemical Honors

Academic Support

All Clemson engineering students are admitted into the General Engineering Program for the first year. Afterwards, students can declare their major. Transfer students must show that they have completed the general engineering requirements before being admitted into the Chemical Engineering program. Each student is assigned a faculty advisor upon entering the program.

Chemical Advising
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Beyond the Classroom

Close up of kinetic energy sculpture created for Artisphere.

Creative Inquiry

ChBE students are encouraged to participate in a Creative Inquiry project for real-world experience on more in-depth topics. Current research projects include creating kinetic energy sculptures, bridging materials gaps to combat climate change, and identifying novel feedback loops in cell cycles.

CI Projects

Study Abroad

About 15% of students elect to take the senior-level unit operations lab course at Denmark Technical University in Copenhagen. This 4-week course is taken in the summer before the student's senior year. Other study-abroad opportunities are coordinated through the University.

Global Learning
Group in Denmark with Tiger Rag.
Two students in lab coats at hood.

CO-OP & Internships

Many chemical engineering students take advantage of co-op (over 35%) and summer intern (49%) work opportunities with campus researchers and local and international companies, including BASF, Michelin, Dow Chemical, Exxon, and Eastman Chemical.

Career Center

International Experience

Students in front of colorful row houses in Denmark.

DTU Summer University

The Technical University of Denmark's (DTU) Department of Chemical and Biochemical Engineering invites chemical engineering students to participate in a specially designed, experimental course in chemical engineering and process technology. The program combines detailed theoretical and practical engineering experiences with a social and international student atmosphere and an opportunity to discover the wonders of Copenhagen and the beautiful Danish countryside.

Rising seniors in the Department of Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering are invited each summer to participate in our Unit Operations Lab study abroad program in Denmark, to gain valuable international experience.

Cocolas profile

“I had the opportunity of studying at Denmark Technical University this summer along with 19 other Clemson students. Our hosts at the university were kind and made us feel very welcome upon arriving in the small town of Lyngby, just north of Copenhagen.”

Alexis Cocolas
Chemical Engineering '20


Female student in lab viewing test tube.
Male student using pipette with TA onlooking in lab
Female student in lab in Denmark Unit Ops lab.
Students in unit ops lab lifting jug.