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Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering

Faculty Labs

Alba-Rubio lab group

Alba-Rubio Group

Our research focuses on the design and synthesis of nanomaterials for catalysis and sensing applications. We aim to produce fuels and materials sustainably and develop technologies to improve the human condition.

Alba-Rubio Group Lab

Birtwistle Lab

Our lab combines computational and experimental methods to understand how cancer cells make decisions, with a particular focus on brain tumors. We aim to use this to predict drug and drug combination responses better.

Birtwistle Lab
Birtwistle in lab with student peering at experiment.
Davis in lab with student who is adding substance into equipment.

Davis Research Group

Our research group looks at the relationship between polymer structure, transport phenomena, and polymer physics. We want to demystify polymer physics phenomena and aid in developing next-gen polymer membranes.

Davis Research Group Lab

Larsen Lab

Our lab works on projects at the interface of materials science and neural biology to develop strategies to treat and diagnose central nervous system disease. Particular focus goes to the development of polymersomes to bypass the blood-brain barrier.

Larsen Lab
Larsen with grad students in lab.
Roberts showing female student equipment slide.

Roberts Group

Our research group focuses on developing functional polymeric materials with unique electronic and electrochemical properties for energy storage and sensor applications, with research activities divided into two key areas.

Roberts Group Lab

Thies Group

Our research group focuses on chemical and biomolecular separations where thermodynamics and phase equilibria play a key role. Interest is placed on the fractionation and molecular characterization of poorly defined systems.

Thies Group Lab
Thies and student in lab.