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Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering

Academic Advising

Clark profile

Casey Henry

Graduate & Undergraduate Advisor
127A Earle Hall
On leave until August 2024

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Joy Rodatz

Undergraduate Advisor/Registration Coordinator
127 Earle Hall
(864) 656-3055

Academic Events

    Student sat academic research poster event.

    The Department of Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering (ChBE) provides individualized advising services to our students throughout their academic studies. First-year students are initially assigned to a professional advisor within the General Engineering program who helps them navigate their initial curriculum requirements. The role of your academic advisor is to support your academic pursuits and confirm that your plan of courses is appropriate and that you are on the correct path to graduation.

    Most of the information presented in the Handbook is available in the Undergraduate Announcements or other sources. If you have questions about anything regarding the curriculum, the department, or the chemical engineering profession, please talk to your advisor.

    Undergraduate Handbook
    • Chemical Engineering (CHE)

      CHE curriculum consists of 129 credit hours. For a schedule of classes, please visit iROAR. You can also register for classes and see past schedules.

    • Biomolecular Engineering Concentration (BMOL)

      BMOL curriculum consists of 130 credit hours. For a schedule of classes, please visit iROAR. You can also register for classes and see past schedules.

    • Preparing for Pre-Registration

      Appointment Services

      Your advisor is here to help you year-round. You can schedule appointments outside of Pre-Registration Advising using CU Navigate or check your advisor’s Drop-In hours.

      An advising appointment is an opportunity to ask questions regarding the ChBE curriculum and requirements for completing the Chemical Engineering degree. Students may also take this opportunity to ask their advisor about questions regarding other department opportunities (eg. research, co-op, internship, study abroad, graduate school, etc.) and university resources. Some questions may be more appropriate for or redirected to the Departmental Undergraduate Coordinator

      Preparing for Pre-Registration Advising

      Pre-registration advising begins the month before registration opens (traditionally, October in the fall and March in the spring). Official ChBE students will receive an email notification from CU Navigate from their academic advisor informing them to schedule an advising appointment. Students are required to have a pre-registration appointment in order to register for courses.

      However, if you are on a COOP rotation, you may speak with your advisor to set up an appointment appropriate for your work schedule.

      Step 1 – Review the appropriate curriculum sheet. 

      Step 2 - Complete the Pre-Registration Advising Worksheet To complete the worksheet electronically, you must download it onto your computer and fill it out in Adobe Acrobat. Do NOT attempt to complete the worksheet in a browser or Google Sheets. You can download Adobe Acrobat for free through the University.

      You are welcome to print your worksheet and fill it out by hand.

      Step 3 – Provide your advisor with a copy of your Pre-Registration Advising Worksheet. Email your advisor a copy of your worksheet BEFORE your advising session, or if you completed your worksheet on paper, make sure you bring your copy to your advising appointment. Or you can scan it and email it ahead of time.

      Step 4 – Schedule your appointment in CU Navigate

    • Advising Forms
      • Academic Forgiveness - requests are submitted via iRoar (iRoar > Student Self-Service > Student Records > Request Academic Forgiveness).
      • Approval of Credits to be Earned at Another School - the course will only count towards your degree requirements if approved as transferable to Clemson.
      • FERPA Release - students may choose to complete and submit a FERPA Release form to allow access or release of their educational record to a third party (e.g., parent or guardian).
      • Program Fee Waiver - students who are no longer pursuing engineering or computing degrees and cannot declare their intended major may apply for a Program Fee Waiver.
      View Academic Forms
    • Change of Major

      To declare your major into ChBE, you must have a cumulative GPA of 2.00 and meet the required curriculum with a C or better.

      If you would like to change your major, you are encouraged to meet with an advisor in the intended program before making the change. You may be able to make an Explore appointment in CU Navigate. You can submit an Undergraduate Change of Program request in iROAR.

      Change Major Information