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Change of Major

The Process

Each major has its own eligibility requirements. The most common criteria include:

  • Minimum Clemson cumulative GPA
  • Minimum number of hours earned at Clemson
  • Completion of specific courses

Some departments require you to meet with one of their advisors to discuss and review these requirements prior to approving your change of major request. A few departments have an application process with strict deadlines. Let your advisor know that you are considering a change of major, and we can support you through this process and provide contact information for your intended major.

Dates and Resources

Determining Eligibility

Find the section below that best describes your situation for more information on the change of major eligibility criteria. You'll find the required GPAs, key dates, and what forms need to be submitted.

  • New to Engineering

    If you wish to change from a non-engineering major into any engineering major, you must first start in General Engineering.

    Criteria to change into General Engineering:

    1. Earn a cumulative Clemson GPA of 2.00 or higher
    2. Make an Explore General Engineering appointment in CU Navigate to meet with a General Engineering academic advisor
    3. Complete a Change of Academic Program request in iROAR and choose General Engineering as your primary major
  • GE Student Declaring Engineering Major

    If you are a General Engineering student, here is how you can declare your degree-granting engineering major.

    1. Complete the following General Engineering Core courses with a grade of C or better:
      • CH 1010 – General Chemistry
      • ENGL 1030 – Composition and Rhetoric
      • ENGR 1020 – Engineering Disciplines and Skills
      • ENGR 1410 – Programming and Problem Solving or CHE 1300 – Introduction to Chemical Engineering (for Chemical Engineering students only)
      • MATH 1060 – Calculus of One Variable I
      • MATH 1080 – Calculus of One Variable II (for Industrial Engineering majors only)
      • PHYS 1220 – Physics with Calculus I
    2. Satisfy the minimum GPA requirement for your intended major
    Minimum GPA by Major
    Major Cumulative GPA
    Automotive Engineering 2.00*
    Biomedical 2.50
    Biosystems Engineering 2.00
    Chemical Engineering 2.00
    Civil Engineering 2.60
    Computer Engineering 2.00
    Electrical Engineering 2.00
    Environmental Engineering 2.00
    Industrial Engineering 2.00
    Materials Science and Engineering 2.00
    Mechanical Engineering 2.60
    *Application process is required. Please visit the Automotive Engineering B.S. Degree page.
  • Engineering Student changing to another Engineering Major

    These instructions are for students who have declared a degree-granting engineering major and want to change to another degree-granting engineering major.

    1. Student should have already completed the General Engineering Core classes.
    2. Satisfy the minimum GPA requirement for your intended major
    3. We encourage you to meet with an advisor in their intended major before making the change. You may be able to make an Explore appointment in CU Navigate.
  • Changing Majors into Computer Science or Computer Information Systems

    Students who change majors into Computer Science or Computer Information Systems must have a cumulative grade-point average of 2.00 or higher. Students are strongly encouraged to meet with a School of Computing academic advisor prior to changing majors.

  • Changing Majors into Geology

    Students who wish to change majors into Geology must have a cumulative grade-point average of 2.00 or higher. Students are strongly encouraged to meet with the Student Services Coordinator for Environmental Engineering and Earth Sciences or Program Director of Geology prior to changing majors.

  • Changing to a Major in another College

    If you want to declare a major in another College, you will need to meet with an academic advisor in your intended major to learn more about the major and any admission criteria you may need to meet. For most majors, you can schedule an “Explore (insert major)” appointment through CU Navigate. If an “Explore” major is not an option in CU Navigate, then you should email an advisor to schedule an appointment. You can find contact information for all advising offices at Clemson on the Academic Advising Contacts by College page.

  • When to Request to Change Your Major

    Once you have met the requirements to change into your major, you can submit a Change of Academic Program Request in iROAR. This request should be completed as soon as you have received your final grades and have confirmed you meet the criteria to change your major. For in-state students receiving LIFE Scholarship or Palmetto Fellows, changing your major may be necessary for you to be eligible for the STEM enhancement.

    Some majors have a range of dates when they stop accepting change of major requests for the current term to focus on advising. View a list of these key dates.

  • How to Change Your Major

    You can submit an Undergraduate Change of Program request iROAR ⟩ Student Self Service ⟩ Undergraduate Change of Program: Major, Minor, Emphasis, Catalog Year. A video on changing majors is available. When your change of academic program is approved and has been processed, you will receive an email notification that will include the name of your new academic advisor. If your request is denied, you’ll receive an email notification that will include comments on why the request was not approved.

  • Appeals

    Admittance is influenced by GPA. If you have extenuating circumstances, you may submit an appeal for special consideration by the department. Decisions will be shared with students by email.

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