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Proposal Development

Tuition Remission (GAD)

Graduate Assistant Differential

Per the University Tuition Remission policy update issued on October 1, 2007, Graduate Assistant Tuition Remission must be requested on all proposals that include graduate student assistantships. (For the Automotive Program, please refer to Tier I rates.) Updated 02/27/2020.

General and specific information about graduate student employment is outlined in the Clemson University Graduate School Policies & Procedures Handbook in Part 3: Financial Information and Assistantships.

Single Rate Tuition Projections

The Single Rate Tuition for Sponsored (Fund 20) Programs defines the projected tuition rates through Academic Year 2023-2030, barring any additional freeze of tuition or change in rates as approved by the Board of Trustees. The College of Engineering, Computing and Applied Sciences Automotive Engineering Premier Program rates are below. To view all projected tuition rates, please visit the Office of Sponsored Programs website. A Clemson University login is required.

CECAS (Premier Program - Automotive Engineering)
FY Per Semester (Fall/Spring)
Per Summer Session
Total Per Year
2021-2022 7,089 2,193 18,564
2022-2023 7,443 2,303 19,492
2023-2024 7,816 2,418 20,467
2024-2025 8,206 2,539 21,490
2025-2026 8,617 2,666 22,565
2026-2027 9,048 2,799 23,693
College of Engineering, Computing and Applied Sciences
College of Engineering, Computing and Applied Sciences | Riggs Hall